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Test Realm: Latest test realm patch, Macintosh and Windows combined.

We're still setting up the file transfer, but the following things are important to note. First off, SeventhFlight does not have the bandwidth to make a full mirror of this test realm patch. Sorry, guys, but the BC Beta patch has taken a lot of bandwidth (we're already passing 650gb). Thus, we give you the following download options:

BitTorrent: This is the .torrent file for the official torrent/tracker. You should use it with a client such as Azureus, instead of the official downloader, and that should work through any firewall.

SeventhFlight: This is our mirror of the patch file. It will only sustain roughly 400 downloads before going offline due to bandwidth limitations. Please only use this mirror as a last resort.

If a sudden download spike occurs, we may need to shut down the mirror site to prevent us from getting excessive bandwidth costs.